National adjudicator database

Dear debating community,

The SASDB is compiling a national database of adjudicators. This database will allow us (1) to keep a record of adjudicators and their contact details, so we can contact you with information and opportunities and (2) keep an ongoing record of achievements and feedback, to assist with things such as assigning adjudication panels.

We have set up an online form for everybody who is interested to submit their details. The database will be made up of these entries as well as our own data from national tournaments. Please enter as much information as possible, and if you would like to update your personal information, you can do so at any time.

The form can be found here.


Call for trainers

Looking to turn your passion into money? The South African Schools Debating Board is running a program to develop debating in Worcester, Mossel Bay, George, Knysna and Oudtshoorn. The project consists of two training weekends and a tournament. Petrol from Cape Town and accommodation is covered and there is a R1000 trainer stipend per trainer per weekend. For more information on how to apply contact our operations officer on

Funding officer resignation and call for applications

Dear members of the South African Schools’ Debating Board,

It with sadness we announce the resignation of Dylan Smith from the position of funding officer. His professional responsibilities made it difficult for him to fulfill his responsibilities on the board. We appreciate his work in the Eastern Cape and his role as the convener of NSDC 2012.

The NEC wishes him well in all his future endeavours.

This means that applications are now open for the position of Funding Officer. The role of funding officer according to the constitution of the SASDB is as follows:

the Funding Officer shall serve a term of two years, and shall source funding for the Board’s core programme, specifically for:
(i) the NSDC;
(ii) the SASDA;
(iii) the South African Schools Debating Team’s (SASDT) participation in the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) 
and to participate in discussion and issues up for voting within the SASDB NEC.

Applications should be submitted to on or before 4 March 2013.

Call for applications: National Academy Shadow Coach

Dear Members of the South African Schools’ Debating Board,

Please see below the call for applications for the position of National Academy Shadow coach. Please submit applications on or before Monday 4 March to

The position of shadow coach for the National Academy is a learnership position. The shadow coach will have an opportunity to improve her/his skills as a coach and organiser of the Academy.

The position of shadow coach does not guarantee the selected applicant the position of head coach in the future, although the experience is a valuable one for future applications.

The shadow coach would be expected to:

  • Liaise with the head coach prior to the National Academy.
  • Have input into the development of curriculum.
  • Have input into the structure of the academy.
  • Assist with the sourcing of speakers/ coaches/ judges if necessary.
  • Follow the process of planning for the Academy closely.
  • Be present at and participate actively in the National Academy.
  • Interact with the selected speakers at the National Academy.
  • Train/ coach alongside the head coach in such capacities are agreed before the tournament.
  • Assist with administration of the curriculum and daily organisation at the National Academy.
  • Retain a professional demeanour throughout the Academy and abide by all the norms and standards expected of an adult coach/ trainer/ educator.
  • Provide feedback to the head coach.
  • Meet with the head coach following the Academy to assess and reflect critically on all aspects of the Academy.
  • Assist the head coach in drawing up suggestions for the Academy in the following year/ assist in curriculum modification.
  • Have input into the selection of the Academy team to attend an international competition.
  • Assist with training of the Academy team prior to the international competition.

The shadow coach may, depending on his/her skill set and necessity:

  • Run selected sessions at the Academy, with the support of the head coach.
  • Run selected training sessions of the Academy team, with the support of the head coach.
  • Accompany the Academy team to the international competition as a shadow/ support coach.
  • Accompany the Academy team to the international competition in place of the head coach if circumstances prevent the attendance of the head coach AND if the head coach believes the shadow coach capable of taking on this responsibility.

SASDB Online Debating Tournament

The South African Schools Debating Board (SASDB) is proud to announce the first annual National on-line debating tournament. You are invited to join this exciting new tournament which will bring schools from across the country “virtually” together. This tournament provides school level debaters with an exciting opportunity to develop their analytical skills. Detailed, quality adjudications will guide teams towards better arguments and debate strategy. Unlike normal debates, this is a written competition which will promote clear and concise writing skills.

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