Welcome to the Home of South African Debating

What is Schools Debating?
Schools’ Debating is a structured Debate of two teams against one another with three speakers in a
team. The teams debate on a wide range of topics which include, governance, economics, law,
politics, human rights and philosophy. World Schools Style debating is the most used format and is
an adaptation of British Parliamentary and Australasian Debating Style.

South African Debating

The development of debating in South Africa, especially through the National Academy program, has led to its global recognition as one of the best schools Debating Boards in the World. This recognition comes from the World Schools’ Debating Championships, where South Africa has been hailed as the Best Debating Nation in the world at the tournament for two of the last three tournaments. As a result, South Africa is currently ranked as the best Schools Debating country in the world.


Welcome to the SASDB,

Welcome to the Home of South African Debating.

Phiwe Salukazana

President: SASDB


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