SA Team 2018

The World Schools Debate Championships was held in Zagreb Croatia in 2018. The National Team made it to to the Octo-finals of the competition.

Reflection by Joshua Jankelow

Staring at the red shingles that epitomize the iridescent city of Zagreb, I realized just how unique Wsdc is as an experience. In one moment of silence as our team waited for the call for what would be our final debate, it became so evident as to how the tournament transcends far beyond the realms of our sport.

Traveling to another country just to take part in the tournament is in and of itself a privilege. That is compounded by the irreplaceable experience of meeting people from completely different backgrounds and countries, all united by a common interest. Debaters all share minds desperate for stimulation and thrilling engagements with the wonderfully different ways of life- so traveling overseas to witness a completely different culture and learn from the people that love it was an experience that enriched both our passion for and understanding of the human psyche and its eccentricities.

That,of course, is a given benefit. But one that has resonated far more with me is the journey I undertook with my teammates. WSDC created the unique chance for six completely different people to gel in such a way that we formed a tight-knit unit where each person would become a family member to the other, not just a teammate. The bonds formed are ones that will never be broken and we still reflect fondly on even the smallest of memories.

Finally, WSDC taught me how to learn more about myself. Self-discovery is a cliche associated with travelling, but it is invaluable to see how much you can grow and change in the mere space of two weeks. Life’s most valuable skill is to cope under pressure and to be kind to yourself, and that among many things was what Wsdc taught me.

So before walking into that venue to hear the call, I took in the city that formed the ambient backdrop for a life-changing endeavour that none of us could ever forget.

Team Members

Gabriel Brouard-Ancer- King David Victory Park High School  (Gauteng

Ritvick Sojen- St Davids Marist Inanda  (Gauteng)

Robert Sthembiso Mthenjwa-  Mountview High School  (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

Neo Tsotetsi  – Randfontein High School  (Gauteng)

Joshua Jankelow- Crawford College Sandton (Gauteng)

Reserve: Jemma Jenkins-Ferret- St Sthithians Girls College (Gauteng)


Ansuya Rungasamy and Bettina Buabeng-Baidoo