There are four debating leagues in Gauteng which are recognised by the Gauteng Schools Debating Board and include the possibility for speakers to be selected into the Gauteng Debating squad: the SACEE debating league, the Gauteng Debating League, the Constitution Hill Debating League and the Atheneum Debating League. The top teams from all leagues come together to participate in the provincial championships, where speakers are selected as provincial trialists.



The SACEE debating league was founded by the South African Council of English Education (SACEE), and still has close ties with that organisation. It incorporates around 50 schools from all over Gauteng. Preliminary rounds are held in geographical regions: Eastern (East Rand), Western (West Rand and some northern Johannesburg schools), Central (most Johannesburg schools) and Northern (Pretoria and Midrand). The top two thirds of schools from each region progress to a combined competition, where they face schools from other regions. After this process has been completed, the top 20 schools qualify to attend the provincial championships. SACEE has its own championships in addition to the provincial tournament.


Gauteng Debating League

The Gauteng Debating League (GDL) is a new debating league that was established in 2010 to develop debating talent in poorer schools, who traditionally could not afford to enter the SACEE league. The league consists of a number of training weekends and mini-tournaments throughout the year, and culminates in a championship weekend in August.


Constitution Hill Debating League

CHDL is run by the Tehuti Institute and Constitution Hill, in partnership with the Gauteng Schools Debating Board. CHDL is a debating league aimed at development and enrichment in Gauteng.

The CHDL includes over 80 schools from different regions throughout Gauteng. The teams compete in a minimum of four preliminary rounds before competing at the CHDL championship rounds, which holds the final at the Constitutional Court.


Provincial Championships

The provincial championships generally incorporate 40 junior teams and 40 senior teams, from these four leagues. The provincial Championships are hosted in the third term of the public schools calendar.




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