Structure of the SASDB

The SASDB’s membership is limited to one body from each province of the Republic of South Africa, which is recognised by the Board as being the official debating association of that province. Currently, the Eastern Cape Schools Debating Board, the Free State Schools Debating Board, the Gauteng Schools Debating Board, the KwaZulu-Natal Schools Debating Association, the Limpopo Schools Debating Board and the Western Cape Schools Debating Board are members.

The running of the Board is governed by a two-tier structure. Oversight and supreme authority lies with the Governing Body, which comprises of two representatives from each member of the Board, plus the incumbent President of the Board. The Governing Body holds an AGM at the National Schools Debating Championships each year.

The day-to-day running of the organisation is managed by the eight-member Executive Committee, which is elected by the Governing Body. The Executive Committee comprises of six voting members and three non-voting members. The members of the Executive Committee for 2017 are:

  • President: Phiwe Salukazana
  • Vice President: Irene Mpofu
  • Development Officer: Esihle Qangule
  • Finance Officer: Tlou Mashitisho
  • Funding Officer: Tlou Mashitisho
  • Operations Officer: Thishan Moodley
  • National Head Coach: Luke Churchyard (non-voting member)
  • National Junior Coaches: Irene Mpofu and Bettina Baidoo (non-voting members)
  • National Academy Coaches: Muazzam Takolia and Katlego Manthata (non-voting members)

Further details of the Board’s structure and protocol can be found in our constitution, which will be available shortly from the Downloads page.