Team SA are European Schools Debating Champions 2013


Team South Africa has returned victorious from the European Schools Debating Championships 2013 in Turkey this August. The South African Schools Debating Board cannot be more proud of Team South Africa!

Team South Africa won all 8/8 preliminary rounds collecting 24/24 judges and breaking 1st, 100 speaker points above the rest of the tournament. Team South Africa went on to win the Quarter Finals unanimously (3-0); the Semi-Final unanimously (5-0) and then proceeded to win the Finals unanimously! (7-0). To top it all off the entire team ranked as the 4 best speakers at the tournament:

  1. Josh Broomburg
  2. Nicole Dunn
  3. Rachel Gardiner
  4. Daniel Peter

Congratulations! South Africa is tremendously proud of you and your performance. Congratulations further to their coach Luke Churchyard and their adjudicator Alisje Churchyard for all the hard work they have put in. Alisje broke as a judge to the quarter finals, and could not proceed due to clashes with Team SA. Well done!

Viva, Team SA, Viva!

The motions debated were:

  • ROUND 1 (prepared): This House would give power to a government of experts rather than elected politicians in a time of crisis.
  • ROUND 2: THW allow companies to refuse to hire smokers.
  • ROUND 3 (prepared): This House believes that the IOC should no longer allow countries with a bad Human Rights track record to host the Olympics.
  • ROUND 4: THW teach contemporary literature at the expense of literary classics.
  • ROUND 5 (prepared): This House supports lower taxes to extensive public services.
  • ROUND 6: THW hold parents legally responsible for the criminal actions of their children.
  • ROUND 7 (prepared): This House would allow those charged with disclosing classified information to mount a defence of “whistleblowing in the public interest”.
  • ROUND 8: THBT prostitution is a legitimate way to make a living.
  • QUARTER-FINAL: THW ban unpaid internships.
  • SEMI-FINAL: THBT freedom of speech is more important than religious sensitivities.
  • FINAL: TH supports the targeted assassination of terrorist leaders.

Team SA was recently featured in the Sunday Times:

Team SA Sunday Times

The tab for the tournament can be accessed here.