NSDC Independent Adjudicator Applications

Dear debating community,

Applications for independent adjudicators have been extended! The deadline is now Monday, 4 November.

 The Chief Adjudication Panel of the South African National Schools Debating Championships (SANSDC) 2013  would like to invite all interested parties to apply to be independent adjudicators at the SANSDC 2013 in Gauteng. Any applicants would be required to adjudicate at SANSDC 2013, from the 6th of December till the 12th of December 2013.


To be an independent adjudicator, you must commit to attending the SANSDC 2013 from the 6th of December till the 12th of December 2013 at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Unfortunately, this means that those who are interested in attending SANSDC 2013 will be required to miss, at the very least, the break rounds of the Pan-African University Debating Championships 2013 due to the clash. Applicants will also be required to pay a registration fee of R780.00 if you require food and accommodation and R300 if you require no accommodation and lunch each day.

Application Process

All complete applications should be emailed to the CA at paidamoyo.mang@gmail.com. The application should include the following:

  1.  A full debating CV including your name and contact details, your debating experience (focusing on adjudication and speaking in WSDC Style). It is preferred that you have at least TWO REPUTABALE DEBATING references (include their names, email addresses and cellphone numbers).
  2. A brief letter of motivation for you application
  3. Written answers to the following questions:
    1. Please provide an explanation of how you adjudicate WSDC debates.
    2. What speaker score range is used in WSDC Style Debating? Consider both main and reply speeches.
    3. What are the weights for content, style and strategy? Give a description of each category.
    4. Is it possible to win a debate based on style?
    5. The first speaker of the proposition squirrels the motion, the first speaker of the opposition challenges the definition however later abandons their alternative definition. Which team will win the debate?
    6. In which category would you score a speaker for a point of information they offer?
    7. What is the role of the first speaker of the opposition? What is the role of the third speaker of the proposition?
    8. The third speaker of the proposition provides very unpersuasive rebuttal and the third speaker of the opposition changes the oppositions’ team line in favour of a more persuasive one. Which team will win the debate?

Please email all questions and applications to Paida Mangondo at paidamoyo.mang@gmail.com. Please forward this email to anyone else who might be interested in applying for the position.  We look forward to receiving many colourful and impressive applications.

Kind regards,