President’s letter

Dear members of the South African Schools Debating Community,

Please find attached a letter from the president of the South African Schools Debating Board, Michael Macklin: President’s letter- 27_03
Text of the letter is under the cut.


Dear Debating Community,

Welcome to 2013! Hopefully this year will be our most fruitful yet and in order to facilitate this goal we have a number of cool projects in the works. The SASDB itself is overseeing 2 specific projects: The New Areas Project and The New Provinces Project. Both programs intend to spread debating to areas, people and schools who do not currently have formalised debating structures in place. We (the NEC) will be working in conjunction with local teachers and co-ordinators to create these structures as well doing extensive training in maintaining these structures, coaching speakers and adjudicators as well as creating the necessary lines of communication for these areas to become engaged in the regional and national structures that exist – with the ultimate goal of attendance at Nationals in the near future.

On top of this we intend to launch a range of online systems to further debating in South Africa, ranging from a blog to facilitate discussion to online training resources. These projects do however require support in order to be successful. We need time, skills and money and while we do have the requisite backing to complete all of these endeavours for this year we are continuously seeking further assistance. If you or anyone you know of could provide assistance of any kind please let us know.

Speaking of Nationals, progress on the 2013 installment in Gauteng is already making good progress. The Gauteng Schools’ Debating Board have already begun to negotiate with potential hosts and sponsors and we’re sure they’ll put on an excellent tournament.

All of this is coupled with the exciting plans we have for the various representative squads of speakers who will hopefully continue the excellent work of representing us with distinction wherever they may go. Specifically we’d like to congratulate the previous South African Debating team who have just returned from Antalya, Turkey and the 25th WSDC. The team did us immensely proud – the broke 4th, made the quarterfinals (where they were unfortunately knocked out by eventual champions Australia) and all 5 speakers were ranked in the top 50 in the world. Emma, Saul, Colin, Joe, Josh – congratulations. They were coached by Brandon Almeida and Vashthi Nepaul, whom we thank for their massive contribution to this team over the last 3 tournaments.

Final recognition must go to Dylan Smith (convenor) and Paida Mangondo (CA) who put on what was by all accounts an excellent NSDC late last year.

2012 was an incredibly successful year for South African Schools’ Debating, may 2013 be even more so.

Good Luck and kind regards,
Michael Macklin
President of the SASDB