International results 2014

International results

2014 has been an amazing year for South African debating. Team SA had an unprecedented run at WSDC, breaking first and unbeaten and only losing in the Grand Final. A South African “A” team won the Heart of Europe tournament, and SA Junior and SA A did incredibly well at WSDC. We are very proud of all our speakers, judges and coaches. The complete results are published below.

AWSDC Results:

SA Junior broke 2nd on 7/8 wins; 18/24 judges; 2032.34 total speaks; and a margin of 14.25.
SA A broke 4th on 6/8 wins; 17/24 judges; 2035.37 total speaks; and a margin of 23.27.
SA Junior made it to the Grand Final losing to Malaysia on a 8-1 split.
SA A made it to the Semi-Finals losing to Malaysia on a 4-3 split.
2nd – Steven Lochner
3rd – Desmond Fairall
6th – Ilan Malkin
9th – William Shoki
11th – Alexandra Breckenridge
13th – Grant Fourie
16th – Emma Buckland
23rd – Hannah Fagan
43rd – Isabella Leslie-Miller

Thank you to coaches Chris Hojem and Phiwe Salukazana.
WSDC results:

Team SA broke 1st (8 wins and 23 judges) and made the grand final. They lost to team England.

5th – Josh Broomberg
7th – Sam Musker
11th – Saadiyah Mayet
12th – Kate Dewey
44th – Rachel Gardiner

Thank you to coach Luke Churchyard and assistant coach Saul Musker.

Judges also did very well: Paida Mangondo (previous SASDB CA), Saul and Nicole Dunn were made chief adjudicators from R1. Paida, Saul, Phiwe and Nicole all broke as judges. Paida and Nicole chaired octo finals, Saul and Phiwe were panelists. Paida chaired Quarters, Saul and Nicole were panelists.
Heart of Europe Results:

SA A broke 3rd and won the tournament!

5th – Amelia Warren.
14th – Cheshni Jeena
18th – Stefan Massyn
20th – Rahul Naidoo

Thank you to coach Phiwe Salukazana.

A special mention for Bophelo Impilo (a South African school also participating at Heart of Europe). Bophelo Gold broke first and Bophelo Maroon broke 12th.