Reflections From The Year Gone By And The Vision For The Year Ahead by the President

On reflection, 2020 was truly filled with a mix of life’s misfortune and the blessings that we often take for granted. One would have never thought that hosting a physical debating tournament would ever endanger the health of participants or that such a social gathering would be considered illegal. Nevertheless, the quiet determination of volunteers prevailed and debating events changed form to fit the current time we find ourselves in. The Youth Derby tournament, the Covid-19 Discussion Panel, the various international tournaments and our own national tournament are a few examples of the quiet determination of the debating community. Always a fitting reminder that courage doesn’t always roar.

The vision for 2020 is a simple one: to continue facilitating the events we initiated in 2020 and to maintain the good work that has been achieved. Where errors are committed, we will endeavour to right those wrongs as we build an inclusive and diverse community. We also hope to continue the work of bringing provinces such as the North-West and Mpumalanga into the community and helping them start-up the tournaments and leagues that we know bring speakers so much joy and development. I am truly proud of every speaker, adjudicator, and coordinator that made 2020 a year for the record books. I remain hopeful that the year ahead, with its expected ups and downs, will be a good one.

Tlou Mashitisho

New Provinces Project: trainers needed

This project aims to develop debating in provinces lacking provincial debating structures and experienced organisers, trainers and adjudicators. As part of this project, the SASDB will be running a training programme in Kimberly, Northern Cape on 16 and 17 August.

The SASDB needs your help! We require three trainers for this project. The workshop consists of a basic introduction to debating skills (a training programme developed by the SASDB specifically for this project), a workshop on coaching and organising schools debating aimed at teachers, and some practice debates.

Transport and accommodation will be covered by the SASDB, and there is a R1000 stipend per trainer for this weekend.

If you are interested, please send a debating CV and a brief motivation to before Saturday 3 August.

National adjudicator database

Dear debating community,

The SASDB is compiling a national database of adjudicators. This database will allow us (1) to keep a record of adjudicators and their contact details, so we can contact you with information and opportunities and (2) keep an ongoing record of achievements and feedback, to assist with things such as assigning adjudication panels.

We have set up an online form for everybody who is interested to submit their details. The database will be made up of these entries as well as our own data from national tournaments. Please enter as much information as possible, and if you would like to update your personal information, you can do so at any time.

The form can be found here.