The Weekend Academy

The Weekend Academy was a World Schools’ Debating Board, South African Schools’ Debating Board and African Schools’ Debating Council initiative aimed at providing practice for, primarily, Macau Online WSDC 2021 teams, and secondly, development teams, that facilitates access to robust, useful feedback and adjudication. This ran from the 3-4 July 2021.

In addition, The Weekend Academy hosted a Coaches Q&A Workshop on the 26th of June 2021 aimed at providing coaches with an opportunity to share knowledge and address issues in the coaching space.

Singapore Pre-Worlds Debating Championships 2021

The SA WSDC Team 2021 took part in the Singapore Pre-Worlds Debating Championships which was the official Pre-WSDC tournament organized by the Macau WSDC Convener and CAP members.

After 8 rounds, the team had 6/8 wins & 17 ballots which meant that they ranked 5th and missed the break to semis by 1 ballot and 1 speaker point.

Speaker Achievements ?

Joseph ranked 9th
Joshua ranked 14th
Eugene ranked 18th

We are extremely proud of your achievements! ???

7th Oldham Cup International League 2021

The SA WSDC Team participated in the 7th Oldham Cup International League this past weekend and the results are as follows:

South Africa HNZ (consisting of Joshua Hendricks, Lwandle Ntshangase, Joseph Zelezniak) broke 6th at the tournament. 

South Africa CCC (Consisting of Faye Crawford, Eugene Cloete and Marcus Cordeiro) broke 9th at the tournament. 

Both team were unfortunately knocked out in the Quarterfinals of the tournament. 

Speaker Rankings (Top 20)

? Joseph Zelezniak ranked 10th. 

? Faye Crawford ranked 15th. 

Adjudication Accomplishments ?

Eric Kazadi, Co-SA WSDC Head Coach, and Thamera Naicker, SA A-Team coach, adjudicated at the 7th Oldham Cup International League and they both broke as Adjudicators. 

Thamera Naicker was a panelist in the Octofinals. Eric Kazadi chaired the Octofinals and was a panelist in the Grand Final. 

We are really proud of your achievements. Keep doing amazing things in the international debating circuit! 

The 5th International Schools Debating Championship

The tournament was hosted by Qatar Debate.

The SA WSDC Team broke 3rd on 4/5 wins in the English Category. They made it to the finals where we lost against the Philippines.

  • Joseph Zelezniak ranked 2nd
  • Faye Crawford ranked 10th
  • Lwandle Ntshangase ranked 15th
  • Marcus Cordeiro ranked 18th
  •  Eugene Cloete ranked 20th.

    We are incredibly proud of the team and their achievements! 

SA shines at Protea WSDC!

Our very own SA Teams took part in the Protea World Schools Debating Championship hosted by the South African Schools’ Debating Board which took place on the 27th and the 28th of March 2021.

We performed exceptionally well at the tournament with:

  • Team South Africa EWH (consisting of Eugene Cloete, Joshua Hendricks and Lwandle Ntshangase) breaking 1st and winning the tournament.
  • Team South Africa Losing Streaks and Breaking Hearts (consisting of Marcus Cordeiro, Faye Crawford and Joseph Zelezniak) breaking 5th and making it to the Semi-Finals.
  • Team South Africa Junior A breaking 10th in the Silver division and going to winning in that division.
  • Joshua Hendricks ranked as the best speaker.
  • Eugene Cloete ranked as the 2nd best speaker.
  • Christina Vaudran ranked as the best novice speaker
  • Khanya Mhlongo ranked as the 2nd best novice speaker.
  • Tiger-Anne Cupido ranked as the best 4th speaker.

Our very own SA A-Team Coach, Thamera Naicker, was crowned the Best Adjudicator at the tournament.

Congratulations to everybody! We are extremely proud of you and your achievements!