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For any queries regarding funding, please contact the Director of Fundraising and Projects:

Arvashini Singh


SASDB Financial Officer:

Tlou Mashitisho


Operations Officer:

Thishan Moodley


Development Officer:

Esihle Qangule


Vice President:

Irene Mpofu



Phiwe Salukazana


If you have any further queries or comments please contact us at

Physical Address:

22 Fredman Drive

Sandown, Sandton


60 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hey i am from the northern cape hw do i get in contact with we provicial cordinator.please keep us posted ka da latest up dates

    1. Hi Zamile

      I’ll be posting contact information for the Northern Cape schools infrastructure within the next few days. Please stay tuned.


  2. i am a teacher in mpumalanga who once served on the national board of the sasdb.i would like to enroll my team for participation in the competitions of the well as to set up a competitive league in my area.hope you find this to be in order.your reply is highly anticipated.

    1. Hi there

      That sounds fantastic, as we currently have no contacts in Mpumalanga. I will be in touch via email.

      Irene Pampallis

  3. Hi im athenkosi kota a learner at bisho high in da eastern cape province. i would like to know hw does a school enroll into participatin for the competitions.

    1. Hi Athenkosi. You should get in touch with the Rhodes University debating union; they co-ordinate a lot of the debating in the province. I will email you the contact information now. –Irene Pampallis

  4. i am a student from chesterhouse a private school in durbanville. My school is currently “forraging” for debating leagues to compete in. currently we are competing in the model united nations but we ferel that we need to compete in more who should we contact in order to get more information?
    much appreciated

    1. Hi there. You should get in touch with the Western Cape Schools Debating Board. You will find their contact details under ‘Provinces’, on the ‘Western Cape’ page. Here is the hyperlink: Just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the contact info.

      Hope to see Chesterhouse competing in some local leagues soon!

      Irene Pampallis (Operations Officer)

  5. Have you posted the results for 2010 Nationals Debating Championship on your website or anywhere else?

  6. Hi,
    I must express how grateful i’m to contact your Organisation. Debate Ghana Association is a Literary Honor Society registered under the Laws of Ghana as a non profit organisation and unflinched to push up the realated issues of the arts. The Association is poised to wholly promote and develop Ghanaian students in debate and literary arts by bridging Ghanaian students with other international student in competitions, training, fora, etc as with our motto ‘‘intellectual freedom beyond limits’’.

    Education forms the basement of development and remains as a sector which needs support. The Organization is unflinched to contribute to building a formidable educational system. The Association’s Objectives are carefully outlined as follows:
    a. To set policy and best-practice norms for the administration and execution of all formats of school debate up to the university level and advise schools, institutions and organization;
    b. To be the primary source for information, contacts and policy issues for any entity that wishes to conduct debate in Ghana;
    c. To represent Ghana debate community in international forums.
    d. Aims to nurture, cultivate and grow the community of debate practitioners (students, teachers, coaches, educators, etc);

    The Association is bent on developing the DEBATE COMMUNITY in Ghana and believe your ; enhance international exchamge programmes between both Associations through organisation of workshops and seminars in and out of Ghana etc. ; support our activities with with material logistics such as books, resourse aid, sponsorship of events; participation in international debate events, etc. as we prepare to hold the Ghana University Debating Championships

    please respond to this mail.
    counting on your cooperation for a worthy course.

    Best Regards.

    Chris Lebrecht Malm Hesse
    Debate Ghana Association
    No. F460/4 Nyaniba Estates,
    Osu- Accra. West Africa. Ghana

    tel: 233 242 145 768

    1. Hi Chris

      Your organisation sounds like it’s doing some exciting work. I think the best thing to do would be for you to email the President of the SASDB directly (see his email address on the Contact Us page) with specific requests.


      1. have mailed him but lent his out of town but copied the vice though. we hoping to brigde gap between both Organisations for the benefit of the young African student. Please humbly make a follow up on in it for me.

        1. Hi there.

          The President is back in the office as of this week and he has assured me that he will respond to you.

          Regards, Irene Pampallis

  7. What process does a school have to go through to participate in the competitions associated with the SASDB?

    1. Hi there. You can enter your local league without any qualification procedure. Look on the page for your province to find the relevant contact details. From that local league, teams will qualify for the provincial championships. After that, each province selects provincial teams to attend the National Champs. Good luck!

  8. Hi there,
    I work for an NGO in Cape Town and would like to get more involved in debating. I was a
    provincial and national champ for a couple of years while still in high school and sat in the provincial board at some point. I have a lot of experience in adjudicating as well, having started adjudicating in the township debating league and being invited to adjudicate in the African schools debating championship. I would like to get involved again and so would like to know where to start. Can I get some contact details.
    Thanking you in advance

      1. Yes thank you and I ahve just sent an email to the provincial coordinator to see how how I could possibly get involved,from this point onwards.

      1. Hi Sonwabile,
        You could also contact the head of the Western Cape Schools Debating Board, Geoff Kilpin ( They are looking at spreading the debating in the region and would be more than happy to have a conversation with you about possibilities!
        Good luck with the new debating society!
        – Sam Dunne (Operations Officer)

  9. Hi,

    I am interested in joining your organisation and would like to set up a debating team at my school.

    I am a teacher at an independent school just outside Franschhoek in the Western Cape. I would like to get in touch with a representative in the Western Cape (Boland) area and join your society.

    thank you

    1. Dear Russel,

      We are delighted to hear that you would like to establish a debating society at your school! The Boland region currently has a thriving debating community and would be more than willing to help you set up a team and begin competing in their league. The current chair of the Western Cape Debating Board is Bibi Bassa (Email: She will be able to put you in contact with the Boland Representative on the Board and they will be in contact with you soon. All the best for your new society!- :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  10. i’m a little bit unsure if the academy is going to happen this year because the people from academy have not yet contacted me yet so now they have left me in a confusing

    1. The Academy will definitely be happening again this year in June, though we have not yet confirmed the dates when it will be hosted. We will let all our Academy speakers know as soon as details have been finalised – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  11. Hi,

    We are a growing youth Literacy Project based in Soweto, Gauteng province. The project applies the art of debate and public speaking to help young learners improve literacy their skills. We have adopted five schools and we wish to train and equip with debating skills but we lack the capacity to do so as we do not have experienced debaters. We have scheduled debate workshops for next term to introduce our new members to the art of debating. Is it possible for you to provide us with facilitators for such a workshop? If not, how can we find such help? Thank you.

    1. Dear Zandi,
      The Gauteng Schools Debating Board are in charge of debating within the Province and have a number of highly skilled coaches and university debaters that would be able to assist you with your workshop. Their chairperson is Warwick Brown and he can be reached at: If you send an email to him, he will be able to assist you further. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  12. i produce a show called SPEAKERVOICE on SOWETO TV. i only started this year as a producer. i would like to be intouch with your institution.

  13. I am a English lecturer @ a College in the Eastern Cape who has started a debating society with the learners and am interested in entering competitions.

    1. Dear Zolani,

      The Eastern Cape Schools Debating Board is in charge of debating within the province. Ronwyn Pierce is the chairperson ( and will be able to help you find tournaments and other schools to debate against. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  14. Hi! I’m a teacher at Goodwood College in Cape Town. We’re looking into starting a debating team at our school. Does anyone have advice on how to start or perhaps know of a mentor school that we could contact to get us started? Would appreciate any feedback. N.Moralie

    1. Dear Nazli,

      The current student in charge of debating in Cape Town is David Harris ( If you email him, he will be able to give you information that will assist you. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  15. hi, i am a 2nd year wits law student and interested in debating, would like to find out if it is possible to become part of the debating board

    1. Dear Sanele,
      The Gauteng Schools Debating Board is in charge of debating within the province. Their current chairperson is Warwick Brown ( and if you email him, he will be able to give you the information you are looking for with regards to aligning your society with the SASDB and also establishing a new debating society within your old high school.- :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  16. i am second year student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, doing Environmental Managment and i would like to join the South African debating schools board but i dont know what to do because the is no debating team in ma institution, please help me i love debating so much

  17. Hi there. I am a school teacher at a private high school in Cape Town and have recently started a debating society. Please can you kindly inform me about how to enter my students in these debating leagues. In addition, are there workshops to attend? My students are very new to debating. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Widad
      There are a number of debating leagues that function within the Western Cape. The head of the Western Cape Schools Debating Board is Geoff Kilpin ( If you contact him, he will be able to give you insight into the next step to getting involved in Debating. Good luck! – Sam Dunne (Operations Officer)

  18. hi my name is asanele mfunwa from mzomhle high school in east london i would like to know how to enter the available debate competition here in east london

    1. Hi Asanele,

      If you mail the Eastern Cape Schools Debating Board’s chair, Ronwyn Pierce (, he will be able to give you more information about how to get involved. Good luck!

      Devi (Vice President)

  19. hie there…my name is Nosipho.I have been doing well in the inner city debates here in Gauteng South but have decided to go for something more chalenging,so i want to know how i can join your organisation?

    1. Hi Nosipho!

      Our organisation is only a governing structure. You can check our news updates for open positions, or look if you would like to contribute to the SASDB.

      My advice to you, if you want to be more involved and more challenged, is to contact the Gauteng Schools Debating Board ( and ask how you can get involved! It’s fantastic that you want to more of a challenge.

      Devi (Vice President)

    1. Hi Gloria, the currently open positions on the SASDB executive are advertised in the “call for applications” category on the front page. Besides this, we have a . If you want to get involved with the SASDB is doing, I suggest contacting the Free State board ( since they do the actual work in the region!

      I hope this helps! Feel free to email us if you have any more questions.

      Devi Pillay (Vice President)

    1. Dear Eugene,

      Which province are you in? Then I can direct you to your provincial board, who would be responsible for registration and school competitions.


  20. We want to invite your country to a Southern Africa Debate Competiton to be held in Zambia. We communicated with the ministry of education and we wanted to notify you on the matter. Please advise.

    1. Hi Suwi,

      That sounds really interesting! Please send us an email at as soon as possible – we aren’t part of the ministry of education so it’s possible that line of communication could take quite a long time.

      Looking forward to hear from you.

      Devi (Vice President)

  21. i am a youth worker at welkom andi am a ministry director of student christian union. the are other programns that includes debating in our can i affiliate with the sasdb because we want to help at schools

  22. Hi

    I have since matriculated and gone on to complete my undergrad studies without having participated much in any societies. Now that I have started working, I ling for any opportunity to participate in some form of public speaking and debating. I would like to know if there are any debating and public speaking societies set up in and around Johannesburg.


    1. Hi Tumi,

      Are you currently studying? All universities based in Johannesburg have debating societies and public speaking forums. I recommend getting in touch with your student association! If you have graduated, some universities allow alumni to attend sessions although they cannot formally compete.

  23. hey my name is lodilson from Johannesburg i would like to get my team in for any debating competition in johannesburg can you help me on how to enter any of this competition fell free to call me on 011 403 5162

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