What are the tournament time lines?

The tournament will run over the entire year. The exact time lines are shown below:


Will the tournament follow World Schools Style (WSS) structure?

The tournament will follow roughly this structure. Each team will be given three opportunities to submit arguments as responses to arguments. Unlike world schools style, there will be no equivalent “reply” speech.

As with WSS, there are three “speakers” in a debate and each speaker will have an opportunity to contribute. The team can however work together in the construction of their arguments and responses.

The debate will run according to the following structure:


How will debates be scored?

Debates will be adjudicated on a very similar basis to World Schools style. The most noticeable change is with regards to how style is adjudicated. The CA team will however release more information with regards to scoring the debate shortly.

Will a word limit be imposed?

Yes – However the word limit in the group stages will be slightly lower than in the knock out stages. During the group stages, each team’s total submission will accumulate to 1750 words. The exact  break-down will be distributed at a later date.

How will “top quality” adjudicators be selected?

As with most things, you pay for what you get. The easiest way to attract top quality people is to pay them appropriately for their time and expertise. The single largest spend for the tournament is on adjudicators. We are therefore confident that the best adjudicators in the country will be involved in this tournament.

In addition, the SASDB national CA, Mr. Paidamwoyo Mangondo has signed on as the Chief Adjudicator for this tournament and will oversee the adjudication team.

Are coaches allowed to help teams?

The short answer is No. The answer however leads inevitably onto another question, how will this rule be policed. We will be relying on the honesty of all participants in this regard. In the spirit of fair competition and debate, coaches are asked not to help teams with their argument submissions.