About the SASDB

Schools Debating in South Africa:
The South African Schools Debating Board (SASDB) is the official governing body of high school
debating in South Africa. It is a registered non-profit organisation (registration: 026-935-NPO) which
oversees debating in the provinces and sets policy at a national level. Constitutionally, the primary
objects of the SASDB are:

(a) coordinating schools debating in South Africa
(b) developing schools debating in South Africa
(c) furthering schools debating in South Africa
(d) affirming the ownership of the intellectual property of the Board

To this end, the SASDB focuses on three major projects each year: The National Schools Debating
Championships, the Academy which develops debaters from underprivileged schools and the South
African Schools Debating Teams which take part in the World Schools Debating Championships and
various other International Schools’ Debate Tournaments. More than 50% of participants in our
program, which reaches over 2000 children annually, come from Academy schools.