Structure of the SASDB

The SASDB’s membership is limited to one body from each province of the Republic of South Africa, which is recognised by the Board as being the official debating association of that province. Currently, the Eastern Cape Schools Debating Board, the Free State Schools Debating Board, the Gauteng Schools Debating Board, the KwaZulu-Natal Schools Debating Association, the Limpopo Schools Debating Board and the Western Cape Schools Debating Board are members.

The running of the Board is governed by a two-tier structure. Oversight and supreme authority lies with the Governing Body, which comprises of two representatives from each member of the Board, plus the incumbent President of the Board. The Governing Body holds an AGM at the National Schools Debating Championships each year.

The day-to-day running of the organisation is managed by the eight-member Executive Committee, which is elected by the Governing Body. The Executive Committee comprises of six voting members and three non-voting members. The members of the Executive Committee for 2017 are:

  • President: Phiwe Salukazana
  • Vice President: Irene Mpofu
  • Development Officer: Esihle Qangule
  • Finance Officer: Tlou Mashitisho
  • Funding Officer: Tlou Mashitisho
  • Operations Officer: Thishan Moodley
  • National Head Coach: Luke Churchyard (non-voting member)
  • National Junior Coaches: Irene Mpofu and Bettina Baidoo (non-voting members)
  • National Academy Coaches: Muazzam Takolia and Katlego Manthata (non-voting members)

Further details of the Board’s structure and protocol can be found in our constitution, which will be available shortly from the Downloads page.

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  1. I have just recently joined the staff of Harvest Christian School in Port Elizabeth and am desirous of starting a debating club allied to the South African Schools debating, at the school. Please could you inform me of how I can go about doing this. We would like to be able to debate with other schools in the region.

    Thanks very much
    Amanda Bailey
    English Teacher

    1. Hi Amanda. It’s great to hear that you’re trying to start up a debating club! I’ll email you the relevant contact information now.

      Irene Pampallis (Operations Officer)

  2. I have just recently joined the staff of Woolhope High School in Port Elizabeth and joined the debating club at school. Please could you inform us of the type of format we should follow. We would like to be able to debate with other schools in the region.

    Thanks very much

    1. We use World Schools Debating Style. Over the next few weeks we aim to upload several debating guides and handbooks. In the meantime, though, you should be able to find some guides to the style by Googling it, and by looking under the “Rules and Guides” section at

  3. i would like to explore my knowldge in debating but i dont know where to start, i was a debator in high school now i have resently enrolled at Cape Penisula University of Technology i9n cfape town and i dnt kn where to go to be part of a debating team,l please help me i love debating so much it open my mind to think out of the box and it helped to be able to improve my vocabulary also improved ma public speaking

    1. Hi there. The SASDB doesn’t work with tertiary debating, but I suspect you might be able to find some help through the UCT debating union. I’ll email you more details. –Admin

          1. The CPUT Debating Society had been trying to get involved in schools debating in the Western Cape but we still are’nt. Please help how ever you can

          2. Hey Sizwe,

            The current chairperson of the WCSDB is Bibi Bassa ( If you email her then she should be able to get you guys involved in Schools debating. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer).


  5. Hi. I am a student at Rocklands High (a school in Mitchells Plain – Cape Town). I attempted startin’ a debate club at school this year and feel that ii need a new approach and some outsyd assistance from outside. Do you perhaps have any pointers or things I could do.

    I strongly feel that the learners at my school have strong opinions but just need a platform to express and practice it.

    Your help will really be appreciated.

    1. Hey Adele,
      The Western Cape Debating Board will be more than happy to give you the help that you need to get a debating society up and running. Their chairperson is Bibi Bassa ( and she will be able to give you the assistance you need. Otherwise, we also have some debating related resources in both in our downloads page and in our links page. I hope that this is helpful and that your society takes off this year! – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  6. Hi, My name is Kelsey Shepherd. I recently joined the staff of Kabega Christian school and would like to establish the debating society in the Port Elizabeth area. I am looking for information regarding the correct procedures for Highschool debate, so that we may engage with other schools. Please forward me the relevant information.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hey Kelsey,
      Debating in the Port Elizabeth is being handled by the Eastern Cape Debating Board and is currently run by Ronwyn Pierce ( They will be able to inform you about tournaments in your area and provide you with assistance in establishing a debating society. We also have resources on this site that you are welcome to use, both in our downloads page and in our links page. I hope that these are helpful and wish you the best of luck for your new society!- :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  7. I have recently started a debating society at a College in the Eastern Cape I’m lecturing in, I would appreciate any advise as how to align the society with SASDB an entering competitions.

    1. Dear Zolani,

      The Eastern Cape Schools Debating Board is in charge of debating within the province. Ronwyn Pierce is the chairperson ( and will be able to help you align your society with both their organization and the SASDB. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  8. hi, i have started a debating club at my church consisting of students from various high school. would like to know how can i align our club with the SASDB

  9. i would like to start a debating club as well in my previous high school and would like it be endorsed by SASDB, and would ;ike to also requist the board to guide me asto how i make things happen, plz respond ASP

    warm regard sanele

  10. Hi
    I am in Limpopo Province and so curious to get to understand how the whole SASDB works and how do schools affiliate or register to partake in your events. I would also like to know if there is no way in which provincial departments of education can be involved as stakeholders in education.


  11. hey when is your next tournament? we as the mfuleni high school debating club we would appreciate being part of it.

    1. Hi Iwamkele
      As far as I know, Mfuleni is in the Western Cape. You can contact Geoff Kilpin ( for information regarding tournaments in that area and how you can get involved.
      Good luck! – Sam Dunne (Operations Officer)

  12. hey thanks a lot i got hold of him and he is helping me with important information. I find this site very helpfull keep up the good work.

  13. The inmates at Johannesburg prison would like to make contact with the association with the aim of collaborating on debates. They have teams of debaters and would for example appreciate a training workshops initially and then debates going forward. Is this possible and how do I start the process. I am a facilitator and just acting as go between.

    1. Hi Lerato,
      The people you should speak to about debating in Gauteng are Debby Nixon ( or Genevieve Dean (
      Good luck!
      -Sam Dunne
      (Operations Officer)

  14. My teacher and I really want to start a debating team here at Cillie High School in Port Elizabeth and get it part of the 2014 SA schools debating league. Please email the details as to how to go about “registering”. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jean-Pierre,

      It’s fantastic that you guys want to start debating! You’ll have to email the Eastern Cape Debating Board (Ronwyn Pierce: to get information about your provincial league.

      Good luck!

      Devi Pillay (Vice President)

  15. Good day Admin, I would like to start a debating club at Lower crossroads(Phillipi East) here in Cape Town, I’d like to know the steps I should take in doing so.
    My aim to to keep the Youth occupied with positive activities so we can play part in reducing the high crime rate in our community.

  16. hi,I am Athenkosi Hashe am junior debate coach at st Thomas private school in king Williams town in the eastern cape. I would like to enter our team into competitions around the eastern cape and I would like to find out how I can do that..


  17. Hello SASDB :)

    Please note that you need to update this page as the exec members have changed :)

    Have a lovely day :)

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