Current projects

In addition to the usual functions of the SASDB, we currently have two ongoing funded projects.


The New Provinces Development Project aims to develop debating in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, the Northern Cape and the North-West. In the cases of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, these provinces have recently re-established provincial debating structures (Limpopo in 2010 and Mpumalanga in 2011) that have not existed for many years. In the Free State, the SASDB has been working in co-operation with the University of the Free State to establish partnerships to develop high school debating in this province. In the case of the Northern Cape, we have recently been approached by a body which wishes to become the provincial debating board.


The New Areas Development Project aims to develop debating in areas that have not been reached by provincial debating structures. In particular, we aim to develop debating in major Western Cape municipalities that are far from Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and thus do not participate in the Rotary, TDL, Boland or Winelands leagues. These include George, Knysna, Mossel Bay, Oudtshoorn and Worcester.

In Gauteng and in the Western Cape, members of the respective provincial debating boards have done well to establish and run successful programmes in these provinces. The ongoing work done by the Gauteng Schools Debating Board, in terms of its Debating Development Program (DDP) and the the Western Cape Schools Debating Board, with a similar project, have been exemplary of the dedication of the provincial schools debating boards and their dedication to developing debating in under-resourced schools.

The SASDB’s major goal is to maximize the reach of our debating structures, and to make sure the entire country is involved in our national system. Development for both of these projects will take the form of training workshops conducted by provincial coaches in conjunction with the SASDB and through regular coaching tours to under-resourced areas by members of the SASDB to benefit both speakers and teachers/organizers. We eventually aim to get leagues up and running, and assist with events like weekend tournaments in these areas.


Please contact us if you would like to get involved or would like more information!

7 thoughts on “Current projects”

  1. I am a Limpopian young man who always liked debate as it appears to be a developmental tool for young people. I am residing in Tzaneen and I have not heard or witnessed any debate tournament for a number of years. I am prepared to make it work given the support, assistance and all it takes to work so our country can be brought to a better state through debate by our brothers and sisters in high schools

    1. Dear Tumiso,

      There are great debating opportunities in Limpopo. The person in charge of debating in Limpopo is Tlou Mashitisho, and if you contact him he will give you all the details you need to enter the league.

      Here are his details:
      Mobile: 072 910 9910

      That said, we are a volunteer organisation, so we cannot be everywhere at once. If you are willing to help out in your area, please do contact Tlou! I’m sure he will be grateful for your help. I have also put your on our mailing list for the New Provinces Development Project, so you will be notified when there are workshops etc. in your area.

      I hope that answers your questions. Good luck and happy debating.


  2. Hi Devi

    Thank you very much for your response, I will ensure that I communicate with Tlou to see what we might add to give us a great sum.

  3. Hi I am samantha from kimberley. I am currently running debating workshops on saterdays for high school students at my old school, however I would like to to be more involved in Northern Cape provincial debates. Would you kindly please tell who to contact. I would gladly volenteer to help any debating organisation.

    My cellphone no. 0722532643 or 0761667518 unfortunately my email account is inactive but I hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours truly

    1. Hi Samantha,

      I did send you an email on 7 August but it seems like you did not receive it. You should contact Sandra Sell at – please get back to me if there’s any issue with that contact.

      If you need more info please let me know and I’ll give you a call!


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