Provincial and Local Debating

Debating Resources

  • Debateable, a resource-rich website specialising in World Schools Style debating
  • ACT Debating Online, the website of the Australian Capital Territory Debating Union. This debating association practices two different styles of debating, British Parliamentary (which is used by South African university speakers) and Australian Style (which is similar to World Schools Style, except there are no reply speakers). Much of the training material is applicable to any debating format.
  • Debate Central Video Training, which features video workshops about content areas, debate techniques, training instruction, and sample debates.
  • Debate Central Audio Training, which features much of the content on the previous page in a low-bandwidth audio-only format.


9 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Good day, I am doing research for our NGO organization as to where we can receive training for our staff on how to debate effectively.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Benru,
      Which province is your organization situated in? Your provincial board should be able to help you find people that can train your staff. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  2. Hello

    My partner and I have opened an NGO, its still very new. We would love to have the students in our township introduced to debating, so we wana be a able to annual host tournaments that will run as part of an activity in our NGO. Can please be help in the rules, regulations and everything else regarding debatin.


    1. Hi Isaac
      This sounds quite exciting! If you could email us ( with an idea of what you want to do then we may be able provide guidance or assistance.
      -Sam Dunne (Operations Officer)

    1. Hi Jolandi
      You’re completely right! We want to do a complete update of this site and when we do that, we’ll include the 2012 Schools National page!
      Sam Dunne

    1. Hi Zandile,

      Of course we can – but it would help if you let us know where you are, so we can direct you to programmes running in your area, if there are any.

      Devi (Vice President)

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