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All of the guides below are freely available for download and may be used and reproduced in full or in part for non-profit purposes. Should you wish to use these materials for profit, please contact the SASDB.


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  1. I am the member of the youth that strive to fight crime in our communities it is called INKAZIMLO YOUTH WITH VISION.It uses various activties and games to do that.We wer thinking to to start a debating club bt we do not have a full understndig of how debte works. I was hoping that can you help us with the debating guide lines.

    1. Hi there. Please see our Downloads page – it includes some basic debating guides. Also check out the Links page, which features links to some sites that may help you further with an introduction to debating. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us – you can find our email addresses on the Contact Us page! –Admin

  2. Hi. Just wanted to thank you on providing such superb coaching material, it’s my first season coaching (officially) and all the documents were extremely helpful. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Hey,
      Which province is your school in? If I know that, I can point you in the direction of the relevant provincial board. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  3. We have our debating society at school in KZN, its such a success an we even hosted our Parliamentary Debates around the school, and the learners were very much excited because of the experience, and I am part of the debating society and was pleased to have been part of the organising team for that extramendous event. The only thing we would like to do now is to enter these national debates, and I would kindly like you to give my details to the KZN co-ordinator and let him/her contact me directly.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Mbuso
      It would probably be more helpful if you were to contact the KZN rep directly as you could better explain your circumstances. You can contact Pam Estehuysen ( or or Seham Areff (
      Good luck!
      -Sam Dunne
      (Operations Officer)

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