Nationals 2010

KZN B, winners of the Senior Championships

The 2010 National Schools Debating Championships were held from 11-15 December 2010 in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands. The KwaZulu-Natal Schools Debating Association hosted an excellent tournament that was thoroughly enjoyed by speakers, judges and coaches alike. The tournament was held at Treverton Schools just outside Mooi River and teams from six provinces attended (including a team from Limpopo, for the first time in several years).

Debating at the tournament was of a high quality in both the junior and senior sections. The senior competition was won by the KZN B team, who defeated Western Cape A in the finals on the motion THW ban the singing of struggle songs. The junior competition was won by Gauteng E, who defeated KZN E in the final on the motion THW not allow restaurants to sell toys with unhealthy foods. More detailed results for the senior section can be found here, and more detailed results for the junior section can be found here.

Gauteng E, winners of the Junior Championships

Social activities included a quiz night and one of the most enjoyable break parties of recent years. The break party was a ‘graffiti party’, which meant that everyone wore white and other people could write and doodle on them. Former SA triallists were given Lakka – or laaitie’s yakka, for those of you familiar with the signature drink of university debating! We hope to see this trend of fun socials continuing in years to come.

To download the daily newsletters that were produced at the tournament – including photos, debate reviews, articles and ‘bloopers’ from debates – please click here (PDF file, 2.34MB).

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  1. hi. it is so refrswhing to find that there is an organisation like yours. i am from an NGO SAAI – which has been wanting to get involved with schools to start debates as part of our development programmes. we target particulalry schools that need improvement based on their poor academic performances. 1. i wou;d like to know if you are involvd with all the schools, or how to you choose participating schools etc. 2. how can we work together ( for those schools that are not affiliated with you) as i see a lot of synergies.

    1. Dear Kea,

      We do not choose schools that are involved with us. Any school that would like to be affiliated with our organization is able to contact us and we try and help them get involved with their provincial debating board. This means that we are not involved with every school but we are expanding as much as possible. If you would like to be involved with our organization, then you can contact our president Kameel Premhid ( who will be able to give you information about us and our projects. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

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