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Debating in the North West Province does not have any currently operating tournaments or structures recognised by the SASDB.

However, a group of teachers have been training high school speakers in the hopes of them competing at the South African National Schools Debating Championships in December.

If you would like to assist this initiative, please contact:

Itumeleng Mohanoe:

084 255 0799

Appeal for Information

If you know of other debating initiatives in the North West, or are interested in starting a league or running training programmes, please let us know! (See the Contact Us page for details.) We may be able to help you with training material or trainers, but even if you don’t need this please let us know: we would appreciate the opportunity to get a complete picture of the debating that is happening in schools in South Africa, and to get these initiatives to feed into the National Schools Debating Championships.


2 thoughts on “North West”

  1. My school and i are looking to set up a debating team.We require you assistance on the basic setup needed as well as competition rules and regulation.A swift response would be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Nazmira,

      You’ll find plenty of documents with the information you need in our downloads section on this website. You can also contact Michelle Groenewald (, maybe she can provide you with more information about debating in North West.

      Keep a lookout for the New Provinces Development Project, which will be starting soon – we’ll be running workshops for students and teachers on how to set up debating teams etc. There’s more information on it on this website, under “About Us”. We’ll be sure to contact you when we start scheduling the training days!

      If you need anything more than that, please let me know.

      Devi (Vice President)

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