Northern Cape

The Northern Cape used to be a regular participant at the National Schools Debating Championships, hosting NSDC in Kimberley in 2006. Since then, there has been no official word of organised debating taking place in the province.

Appeal for Information

If you know of other debating initiatives in the Northern Cape, or are interested in starting a league or running training programmes, please let us know! (See the Contact Us page for details.) We may be able to help you with training material or trainers, but even if you don’t need this please let us know: we would appreciate the opportunity to get a complete picture of the debating that is happening in schools in South Africa, and to get these initiatives to feed into the National Schools Debating Championships.

10 thoughts on “Northern Cape”

  1. im a 23 year old student from the university of the north west mafikeng campus belonging to an organisation (bokamoso careers) we are a registered organisation and what we do we go to schools to motivate learners on different careers. one the programs that we are busy with is high school debates. if anyone could please help on were we could find relevent sponsors for participating learners.

    1. Dear Gontse,
      Mulondi Dzebu ( is the SASDB funding officer and will probably be in the best position to help you. – :) Tristan von Zahn (Operations Officer)

  2. dear sir/mam
    im a coach at my local high school and we are hosting a debate tournament this coming 16th of june celebrating youth day and we were kindly requesting if you could send us 10 topics that we will use at the tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey.

    I’m a learner at Kimberley Boys’ High Learner. We don’t have so much competitions ahead of us. I would like to know on the upcoming debating competitions for this term and the next. Please inform us.


    I hope there is, because we are hungry to compete with other schools.

    Kind Regards
    Khanya Mosinki
    Secretary of the debating society of Kimberley Boys’ High School.

    1. Hey Khanya,
      You should have received and email from the SASDB. Hopefully this should help you find a solution.
      -Sam Dunne
      (Operations Officer)

  4. Dear sir/mam

    I am from a small town in the northern cape called warrenton ive been debating for many years since primary level until high school. We used to have top debators from our community representing northern cape at the nationals!!!!!

    I am having developmantal debate games this september for schools in warrenton so that they could participate very well at provincial competitions and even go as far as the national games. I was kindly requesting you guys to assist me with debate materials you have, and any assistance you can offer!!!!!

    please email me the dates for debate programmes you guys will be running in the Northern cape to

    kind Regards
    Thabisho dinake(debate coach at Mogomotsi Secondary School)

  5. Dear sir /mam
    I recently matriculated from kimberley Floors high school. Debating is where I got my confidence my team and i are working on starting a debating league in kimberley seeing that we have limited competitions for our learners to participate. However even though we have represented the northern cape at numerous national events we still feel like we need more training.we kindly request your assistance as to how we can organise and where can we get sponsors and where can we get the necessary training?

    Please email me at with any information regarding our request it will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards

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