Nationals 2011

Gauteng A- The 2011 Senior Champions

The 2011 National Schools Debating Championships were held in the Free State from 2-6 October 2011 at HTS Louis Botha in Bloemfontein. The Free State Debating Board faced numerous challenges in hosting this prestigious tournament but still managed to host an excellent competition that brought together the very best of South African Schools Debating talent.

We were delighted to welcome Mpumalanga to this year’s event and are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them as they continue to expand debating in the province.

As if to highlight just how high the standard of competition has risen over the last few years,  the final of both the junior and senior divisions produced some exceptionally intense debating that will not be soon forgotten and bodes well for South Africa’s chances at this next years WSDC tournament in Cape Town!

The junior final was won by Eastern Cape E, who defeated Gauteng F on the motion: THW legally require doctors to report suspected cases of domestic abuse to the police. The senior final featured Gauteng A and KZN B on the motion: THBT South Africa should enforce democracy in Swaziland, with Gauteng A narrowly emerging as the winners on a 4-1 split panel.

The full tab is available for download here.

Eastern Cape E- The 2011 Junior Champions

Final Motions List: Nationals 2011


Round 1: THW not spend money on computers for classrooms

Round 2: THW ban zoos

Round 3: THBT sportsmen earn too much

Round 4: THBT female prisoners should be allowed to keep their babies (gave background info)

Round 5: THW quit Facebook

Round 6: THW re-institute corporal punishment in schools

Prelim reserves: THW ban violent video games

Semis: THBT politicians should undergo regular lifestyle audits (gave explanation)

Finals: THW legally require doctors to report suspected cases of domestic abuse to the police


Round 1: THW ban private schools

Round 2: THS parents’ rights to design their babies (gave background info)

Round 3: THW ban polygamy in all forms of legally recognised marriage

Round 4: THBT invasion of an individual’s privacy is legitimate during journalistic investigations

Round 5: THW nationalise the mines

Round 6: THS mandatory minimum sentences for all jailable offences

Prelim reserve: THW abandon nuclear energy

Quarters: THBT the constitutional court should not overturn laws that are supported by a large majority of the population

Semis: THBT there should be no patents on essential medical drugs

Finals: THBT South Africa should enforce democracy in Swaziland

Break round reserve: TH regrets the Egyptian revolution (Final), THW ban religious organisations from claiming the ability to heal without scientific proof.

16 thoughts on “Nationals 2011”

    1. Hi there. Nationals is a competition for South African learners only, so unfortunately Nigerian students cannot enter this competition. –Admin

  1. how can i apply to be part of the adjudicating team for nationals?..i am a Wits student and the current National Universites Debating Champion ESL

    1. Hi. So sorry for the delayed response – there have been some logistical delays on the organisation side of Nationals. Applications for independent judges are now open; I have sent you the email. –Admin

  2. Our school is Ithafa High in Ermelo.We have very highly motivated learners who want to compete but do not have enough information and support to take part in such an event…We are interested in taking part this year and would like first hand information on how to take part within the Ermelo environ as we may not be able to afford the cost of travelling long distances.
    Please reply as soon as possible as we are already practising for a debate.

  3. I was in the nationals last year and its super cool ,freestate is a very cool province. Would realy love to go again this year


    1. Hi Tony
      Each province selects the adjudicators they take to the tournament. You can contact Dylan Smith ( to find out what the process is in the Eastern Cape to apply to be an adjudicator.
      Hope that helps!
      – Sam Dunne (Operations Officer)

  5. hey im from cape town in Mfuleni attending at Mfuleni high school. I was one of the trialist last year and it was my first year in the debate. I am looking foward with eager eyes to this year`s tournament and believe I`m going to make it through this time.

  6. hi im from carletonville and i attend carleton jones high school,im passionate about debating and public speaking but it’s been two years now and debating has vanished into thin air.So i was wondering if there are other debating teams around/in my area that i can join? I really need to get back to what i love…DEBATING

    1. Hi Mpho
      Another speaker, Solomon ( is looking to organize some debates in Gauteng so maybe you can contact him. Otherwise you could speak to Genevieve Dean ( about debating leagues and opportunities in Gauteng. I hope you get that enthusiasm going and get the debating society going again at your school!
      Good luck!
      – Sam Dunne (Operations Officer)

  7. hi im zuzeka goba from mfuleni high school, i would like to know when will your next tournaments be?. could you please inform us as soon as there are tournaments here are my number 0733681833..will be looking forward to ur response tnx

    1. Hi Zuzeka,

      Are you from Mfuleni High School in the Western Cape? If that is the case, you should check here for information and contact details for your area.

      I hope this helped!


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