Limpopo has  been a regular participant in the annual National Schools Debating Championships. With the Limpopo Schools Debating Board teams becoming more competitive through training initiatives within the province, they have been able to produce nationally competitive speakers who have qualified for both National Academy and National Team trials.

Currently, the debating structure in Limpopo is still developing. For this year, the aim is to allow the winners from the various tournaments in the region (Polokwane) to participate in a provincial competition. A team for participation in the national tournament will be selected from the provincial competition.



Tlou Mashitisho

Mobile: 072 910 9910

Email: /

The website of the Polokwane Debating League can be found at

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    1. Hi Melrose,

      I’m sure you can, too. Unfortunately, organising debating competitions is quite a rough job! If you want to get involved, the best thing to do is to contact the person in charge of your province. The person to contact for debating in Limpopo is Tlou Mashitisho (

      I hope you find some good competition!

      Devi (Vice President)

    1. Hi there! You’ll have to email the people in charge of debating in Limpopo to find out. You can find the contact details above on this page. Good luck!

      Devi (Vice President)

      1. Hey

        This year’s provincial tournament is going to be hosted on the 31st August. Please call Tlou Mashitisho for invitations but please like our facebook page Polokwane Debating League

  1. Well I come.from a. Rural area in. sekhukune whereby our schools are hardly ever invyted. To debate competitions I mean like. Don’t you. People think that. We. Have to.somehow be involved in this. Well seemingly. I. Think it. Is. Because. We. Come. From rural areas? Schools. Like THe future comphrehensive school, St Marks College. Are goods due. To. Debating I think. You. Should invite the. Because. TFCS has good debators namely Kagiso Masemola and Lehlogonolo Tjatjie these learners can debate on. A provincial level sowhat can you do about that?

    1. Hi Kagilso,

      I’m sorry your school hasn’t been invited to provincial tournaments. Unfortunately, we are all volunteers and have no way of knowing which schools do debating and want to participate if they do not contact us first!

      We definitely think you should be involved! The SASDB doesn’t organise provincial debating so I can’t invite you to any Limpopo tournaments. However, the person in charge is Tlou Mashitisho, and if you contact him he will give you all the details you need to enter the league.

      Here are his details:
      Mobile: 072 910 9910

      I hope that answers your questions. Good luck and happy debating!


  2. Why cant’t you give all polokwane’s schools a chance to show interest in the debating issues because i am also a member of a debating team at my school and if we like to enter for the tournaments how and what do we do ??

    1. Hi Ireen,

      Please contact the coordinator for the Polokwane debating league, Tlou. His contact details are above. He will give you all the info you need on entering debating competitions in your area, and I’m sure he will be thrilled that you are so enthusiastic. Good luck!


  3. Hy admin I sent a email to tlou but he does not respond at all so please if there are competition going soon invite schools and publish them on facebook and other sources thank u

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